Sunday, August 2, 2009

And we're off!

So, its 8:00 PM and we're getting ready to drive down to BWI . Melissa shows up to my house with a car full of metal things used for dirty activities. As this plethora of metal poles clangs to the ground on my front porch, we come across our first EWB-Guatemala trip dilemma; how do you pack a dynamic cone penetrometer for a plane ride? Huge duffel bag? Nope. Suit case? Nope. Baseball bat bag?! Nope.

Moldy lacrosse bag? Yeah, that'll do the trick.

Anyway, Sarah Dalton is now about to drive Melissa, Professor Santare, Cara and me down to BWI. At 2:00 AM. So if you see her, give her a hug... or a cookie... or maybe some coffee. Because she is awesome. We'll be meeting Evelio (our guiding light on this trip) at the airport and arrive in Houston around 8:00 am, where we should run into Kelley... (well, we'll run into her if she isn't already sitting in her seat. We have to switch planes in a little over an hour... that'll be exciting...)

By dusk (Guatemala time) tomorrow (Monday) we should be in San Jose Petacalapa, toughing it out in a hotel with a pool. And a water slide. Fortunately, we girls are just as skilled at forebearing gruesome conditions as the Cameroon travel team...



  1. So I made it back to la casa de Dalton (look at that spanish!!) at precisely 4:30am with Poppa Dalton's car just in time for him to get in the car an hour later and drive to work... No worries I didn't fall asleep at all, kept myself awake on the way home by jamming out to my 90's gradeschool mix on the ipod (the greatest) and that giant cup of coffee helped.

    So travel team haveanawsome time! good luck and hopefully nothing goes horribly wrong!!! Keep us posted.

    -Sarah D

  2. I hope you all made it safely to Guatemala and are enjoying the poolside bar. Let me know when I should call everyone's parents and let them know you guys made it safe! Have Fun and Good Luck!

  3. I received word earlier this afternoon from Catherine that they have made it safely to Guatemala and are enroute to the village.

    Good luck guys! I haven't been able to get a hold of Cara's parents but I will keep calling. I talked to eveyone else's and passed on Kelley's message.


    I love the ingenuity!

  5. Looking forward to some exciting Blog Posts!

    YEAH, Guatemala!