Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Newark to Newark to Guatemala

After gathering and figuring out how to pack up all the surveying equipment, we, the Guatemala travel team, left Newark, DE on a cold snowy night. We drove up to Newark, NJ and after a few hours of sleep finally got to the airport to leave for Guatemala. From there we hopped a 6 AM flight down to Atlanta. Five of us were all stuck in the very pack row of the airplane. We quickly moved to our next gate only to have our next flight be delayed. But at the gate, we did finally meet our trusty professional engineer, Guillermo. The flight from Atlanta to Guatemala City was really smooth and I think most of us took the opportunity to catch up on some missed sleep from the night before. When we finally landed, we were all excited to be in Guatemala (and that all our equipment arrived in one place!). We passed through customs just fine and moved on to find our rental car and the trip finally began!

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