Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!!!

So yesterday as we were discussing our plans over a cup of cafe con leche, it was proposed that we hike to the tallest point in all of Central America (Mount Tajumulco) which also happens to be a dormant volcano. Just to be clear, that's a 6 km hike each way!! But since we are extremely naive college students in prime shape we decided that it sounded like an adventure!

It truly was an adventure, an adventure that we will never forget! We started off with an hour drive to the base of the mountain bright and early. It was freezing with the clouds in our faces and the blistering wind, but we started our climb. We were expecting to reach the summit in a a few short hours, but it turns out that it took over 4 and half hours to get to the top. 4 miles is a LONG way when it is completely vertical and covered with boulders! It was miserable in the beginning but at soon as we were above the colds (that's right we were above the clouds) the sun came out and the views were astonishing! All of our struggles soon became well worth it. It was even cooler to see the crater at the top of the volcano where lava once spewed out of! We have no idea how we were able to get there, but we did! Even now Dhara lays in her bed not being able to move at all, I'm just happy that I didn't have to carry her up the mountain!

Anyway we're all tired and are headed to bed, tomorrow we head for the capital city....  

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