Sunday, January 8, 2012

A change of routine

It's so crazy that it's already been a week! None of us expected It to go by so quick. We really miss Kelly and Ted! I hope they had a safe journey home! Email us guys lol! But today was so productive up until twelve! We got everything we wanted accomplished. We formed up the far abutment and created a path for cement. (I don't know if we did those two correctly lol) But we also cut and tied rebar for the close abutment. I say for four engineering students without our mentors we did a WONDERFUL job. All the men were great! They helped a lot and have been since the first day. The craziness has settled because we finally have a strong foundation in the close side foundation. But it will probably pick up again next week with change of people. We are currently waiting for our new men coming in. Rod, Gary, and Ben will be here in less than an hour; we're so excited for them!

But on the fun side! We had a lot of time today! We came back to the hotel and switched levels to save money in our budget! We're saving a lot and I'm so proud of my team; they really stepped up and all decided to save for the sake of the project! We still have air conditioning, don't worry!!! After we switched rooms, we went to La Estancia, which is a restaurant and hotel recommended by Dr.Veness's friends. It was so delicious, they accommodated for all of our needs: vegetarians and gluten free! We ended up staying there for two hours, which is crazy but the owner was so interesting. His dad was a German Jew who had come to Guatemala before world war 2. We talked about the history of Guatemala after that and more about malacatan. It was so nice to learn about that and get a fresh new view about Guatemala. But that was our day. It was great fun and now were eating dinner and sleeping so we can start tomorrow at 7.


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  1. Ted and I made it back fine! Sounds like you guys are still doing a great job, I can't wait to see the finished product! Good Luck!
    ~ Kelly
    P.S. Let's build a bridge!!