Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dinner Table Conversation

Hey all!

Well, the bridge is coming along just fine! Tomorrow we are pouring the abutment walls. We got the formwork for that up today, and it's getting easier and easier to visualize our bridge. We are so excited!

Aside from the hard work of the day, the EWB group experienced a pretty unique situation here in Guatemala. We ate dinner tonight at a hotel and restaurant run by our new friend, Ernesto. We ate dinner at his lovely hotel Sunday night as well, and we learned that if we needed a professional contact in Guatemala, such as a doctor, he's the man that would know one.

Well, Chelsea feels a bit sick from the heat and the sun. Ernesto, noticing this, calls a doctor to come to the restaurant. As all of us are eating at a dinner table, the doctor asks upon his arrival, "Who is the sick one? How many times have you vomitted?" After taking her to a private area to talk (as a result of our strong suggestions) he announces his diagnosis. I don't think the situation would have been approved by HIPPA.

Anyway, Chelsea is sleeping this off. Hopefully she will feel better in time to see the wingwalls poured! That will happen on Friday.

In other news, I've fed dying dog the canned food I had bought for him (refer to previous blog). I don't think there was any happier dog on the planet at that moment.

Visit photo to check out pictures of the trip!

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  1. I hope Chelsea feels better!

    And I am so glad you guys got to feed dying dog!

    Keep up the good work!