Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of the hole

It's Dhara here again! Today was the quiet after the storm; a great day if I had to say! We stripped the formwork for the wing walls and they look great. The men worked really hard. Some stripped the form work, others took out the nails and piled them nicely, and others cleaned the form work. It was an amazing sight and the men were awfully quiet hence the quiet after the storm because yesterday was crazy! We poured four wing walls and things went wrong but everything worked out. The issues were all revolving the generator and concrete vibrator...go figure. We can't seem to find a working generator in Guatemala. But it all worked out, like it always seems too. But today was another day and we started the deck form work. It actually looks like a bridge! But as lucky as we are to be this far, there are other issues holding us up! We first need to get all the wood by tomorrow but it doesn't seem like it..people here just aren't punctual. They told us we'd get it today but we didn't even get half of it today! We are so frustrated! But we will handle it tomorrow as well as getting a working generator and concrete vibrator! We've got our work cut out for us tomorrow and the next couple of days but we're out of the hole at least!


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