Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Moves

Hola followers,
It's been two days since the second team has come in! It's crazy how much work we have finished! Complete turn around and you can see it! Sound the past two days we finished rebar for the footings and poured both footings! We're a day ahead almost; it's awesome. We just have to continue our progress! But unfortunately sickness is hitting us slowly but surely. We are resting more and drinking a lot of water. It's nice but with help from i don't know who a whole bridge is in the near future. Inthe super structure! That's crazy! Thank you so much for all of those who have supported and prayed for us. But a little more about our day today!

So we arrived early today because we are pouring concrete today for the footings. When we got there the men were all there. I would say about fifty people. It was over whelming at first but then we realized how much work there was involved. The mixers started pour at about 8:30 in the morning and Ben, Gary, and rest of team started the rebar on the near side. By twelve in the afternoon we had finished the far side footing and ready to pour near side. We thought that we would have to do it tomorrow but we didn't. It all worked out in the end. So by about three we were done pouring both footings and started rebar cages for the abutments. We ended up packing up early. So we headed home for some rest. Oh btw the way: the fun stuff for today was 1. Feeding dying dog. He wasn't dead! We were so happy. 2. We meet some kids our age between 18-21 and exchanged Facebook names. It was awesome! I would say good day.

Tomorrow we will be getting ready for the abutment pours! We are really excited. I am happy that we can see a superstructure in the near future. I'm adding some pictures from today! Stand by.


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